North Yorkshire based artist and jewellery designer Liz Silkstone Byrne, set up Silkstone Jewellery in 2009 with the aim of creating wearable works of art, which are both ethical and beautiful. The Silkstone Jewellery label strives to be as eco-friendly as possible, providing fashion with a conscience.

Silkstone Jewellery uses recycled metals where possible with no toxic chemicals or metals such as nickel or lead, so you can care for the environment while also caring for your skin.

The new cork bracelets were designed as an eco-friendly alternative to leather. Other faux leathers, while kind to animals are incredibly unkind to humans and the planet. Harsh toxins are produced during the production of these faux leathers which have serious adverse affects on the health of the workers and produce chemicals which are very bad for the environment.

Cork is a 100% natural eco-friendly product, extracted from the bark of the Cork Oak. It is waterproof, wear-resistant, recyclable and biodegradable. It also doesn't absorb dust, thus making it an ideal material for allergy sufferers. Once the trees are about 25 years old the cork is traditionally stripped from the trunks every nine years without harming the tree. The trees can live for 300 years! After harvesting, the tree will absorb more carbon dioxide, and return more oxygen than a non-harvested tree. Cork Oak forests also prevent desertification and are a particular habitat in the Iberian Peninsula and the refuge of various endangered species. The cork cord used in Silkstone Jewellery is predominantly produced in Portugal and Spain.

All findings used in the production of Silkstone Jewellery are either solid bronze or gold-filled, so each piece is designed to last and is extremely durable if cared for correctly. Avoid wearing the jewellery while handling chemicals, washing or swimming and your piece of jewellery could last a lifetime.
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